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September 2014
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Peter Shankman comes on the show to discuss his new book Zombie Loyalists and the power of providing an incredible experience for customers. Peter's been known as a marketing thought leader even before he founded HARO and that shines through in this episode. We talk about a host different marketing tactics especially how to really activate customers to spread WOM using great service. This was a fun episode!

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Ryan Coisson comes on the show to talk about the biggest opportunity in ecommerce and how he's built a booming business abroad. In just a few short years, Ryan has launched over 40 ecommerce brands that do over 7 figures a month. Even more impressive, Ryan has built a team of over 40 employees abroad in the Philippines that run his business while he lives and travels around. We'll dive deep into the mindsets, tactics, and processes that make this possible! 

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A few months ago I had this crazy idea for a workout that incorporated many of the habits that make me feel empowered and push me to heightened levels of motivation and achievement. I have continued to develop this concept which is now called Peak State and in this episode you'll get a full background on the story, workouts, and where this project is going. I think its pretty cool and have yet to see anything out there like it. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

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Brian Smith the founder of popular shoe company UGG joins us on the show today to talk about his journey building a world class brand. You'll learn about how an optimistic aussie started his business from scratch in a foreign country after an idea hit him while reading a surfing magazine. 
One of the most challenging things an entrepreneur faces is just the resiliency to hang in there in the face of adversity and uncertainty. Mastering this was a key part of Brian’s journey and something we’re going to dive deep into during this episode.
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There has been a plethora of exciting startups who are innovating on painful buying experiences while championing what has been popularly known as the direct to consumer model. Today we're fortunate enough to have one of the most exciting companies in the space Casper. Casper Co-Founder Philip Krim comes on the show to talk about building the company as well as how we can be thinking about this new category of ecommerce. These guys did over a million in revenue in their first month and have only grown since then so there is definitely a thing or two to be learned from their journey so far.

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Matt Ellsworth is our guest today. The guy is a total stud and in this interview we're going to start by talking about how using a combination of scraping, vritual assistants, and cold emails he built a massive lead generation machine at his last startup storefront. So much so that his outsourced team was sending out thousands of targeted, personalized emails a week while his interal sales team could focus on responding to warm leads. But this convo isn't just all about startups...despite seemingly being on top of the world as a preeminent Growth guy in Silicon Valley, Matt left his last company to pursue standup comedy and focus on some others. We'll talk about how he thought about pursuing a different type of dream when everyone around him expected him to do more startup stuff. Super inspiring stuff.

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John Durant, author of the Paleo Manifesto and MY NEW ROOMMATE is our awesome guest today. John is one of the foremost thought leaders on ancestral health and paleolithic living. In this episode, he shares with us why one way to unlock new levels of peak health and performance is to revert to a lifestyle more similar to one humans have bee living for 10's of thousands of years. Many of the modern diets, exercise trends, and lifestyle habits that get lots of attention in pop culture are actually hurting our ability to thrive in many instances. We'll dive into this and more topics surrounding peak health in this jam packed episode.

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Nir Eyal is the author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and blogs about the psychology of products at In this episode we chat about the science and psychology behind some of the most addictive internet products and apps. If you're like me and wonder why you constantly feel an urge to check Instagram or even email, this episode brilliantly lays out how these behaviors can be engineered. Awesome episode for anyone interested in startups and building the next big thing. 

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Have you ever had an idea for a food product or personal recipe you've wanted to take mainstream? Today I chat with my buddy Ryan Smith, one of the co-founders of Bitchin' Sauce which is my favorite garnish in the world. This stuff is so good that it's now on the shelves in groceries stores everywhere including Whole Foods. We'll talk about all the steps to take what was just a family creation to the shelves of major grocery stores and a whole lot more. Ryan is also hilarious which makes for a Bitchin' episode.

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This episode dives into the topic of achievement and how we can approach the art of “happily achieving”


Its funny - a lot of us are really quick to ask ourselves what we want without ever asking what we’re willing to give up for that which is a much greater predictor of whether will get those things and enjoy the process along the way.


This episode is a bit all over the place, but Mark shares some mindsets that have helped him in his own entrepreneurial journey in growing one of the largest self-development sites on the internet. Resiliency, values, and overcoming fear are just a few of the topics we’’ll go deep on. Consider this required listening for anyone who wants to be their best selves. Let’s hear from Mark Manson.

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