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Maren Kate Donovan the CEO of Zirtual comes on the show to talk about how we can massively increase our productivity and happiness by using Virtual Assistants. We'll give specific instances where you can use them as well as the best ways to work with them. We also talk about Zirtual as a business and where its headed which is pretty exciting!

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Stephan Aarstol founder of Tower Paddle Boards comes on the show to talk about the origin story of his company Tower Paddle Boards. Stephan's company was named one of the top 10 companies to go on Shark Tank and he provides a ton of insight into what it is actually like before, during, and after the show. We'll touch on a framework you can use to evaluate and disrupt ecommerce verticals as well as some very smart strategies Stephan has used to grow his business. 

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Chris Walker comes on the show to chat about how to naturally boost the hormone responsible for energy, aptitude to put on muscle, and positive emotions...testosterone. Seriously, what guy doesn't want more of these things? We'll cover things like diet, exercise, and the many other variables which for the most part can be optimized to make your perform at higher levels. Boom!

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John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire, comes on the show to discuss the mindsets and tactics he's used to quickly skyrocket to the top of itunes. This episode will cover everything from how he has learned to scale himself to the ways you should be approaching a crowded market. We'll also get a behind the scenes look at John's 6 figure a month business. 

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Vanessa Van Edwards from The Science Of People comes on the show to talk about body language, alpha traits, the science of first impressions and these crucial things called micro-expressions. Don't think this stuff matters? Well studies say that people who understand these things make more money, have more love, and are happier. If this isn't incentive to tune in, I don't know what is. Oh and we'll also talk about lie detection : )

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Justin Mares, Co-Author of Traction Book comes on the show to talk about something everyone in business wants to to get more customers! This episode is a blueprint for how to approach acquiring users and a framework that anyone can use in their business whether we're talking about software or book marketing. Justin is a marketing champ and I gurantee you'll get some amazing ideas and strategies by listening to this episode.

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Charisma is something we all want, yet few people have really taken the time to codify it and lay it out in a way that we can develop more of it. One of my best buds and former roommates comes on the show today to decode charisma and teach you how to turn it on in an instant. Charlie used to be incredibly shy and now he's got that "it" factor that makes him a magnet anywhere he goes. Learn how he developed it here!

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Have an idea for a product that should be in your favorite retail store and trying to figure out how to make that happen? Brandon Rickman whose products have sold more than 20 million dollars worth of goods in places like Wal-Mart and Home Depot comes on to the show to lay out step by step how to go from idea to retail stores. This is the most comprehensive breakdown I've ever seen!

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Best selling author and publishing expert Tucker Max comes on the show to share what it takes to create a book that reaches mainstream popularity. We talk about the publishing industry, why you should consider publishing a book, and how media will change in the next few years. A must listen for anyone that has ever thought of writing a book.

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Aubrey Marcus, the CEO and Founder of human optimization company Onnit Labs comes on the show to chat about how he's taken Onnit from a few sales a day to one of the fastest growing companies in his space. We talk about podcast marketing, supplements, and some marketing and growth tactics that anyone looking to start something should consider.

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