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Habits literally determine the quality of your life. James Clear comes on to the show to do a deep dive on decoding habit formation. We riff on a ton of different human behavior stuff and dig into why people fail at creating empowering habits and how to combat this.

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Shane Snow, the founder of Contently, Forbes 30 Under 30, and journalist amongst some of the web's most popular publications shares with us some unique strategies to working smarter and getting more results. We talk about the concept of unique access and how he went from an Iowa farm boy to badass startup founder.


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This episodes gives you a behind the scenes to the exact financials and marketing strategy I used to become a #1 best seller on Amazon. Even if you don't plan on publishing a book, you'll learn plenty of meaty marketing tactics that can be replicated for any launch. You'll also learn how much money a #1 best seller makes on Kindle.

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Derek Flanrzaich, founder of, shares the marketing strategies and ideas that fuel the fastest growing health and wellness site on the internet. You'll learn his repeatable formulas for success and how he went from a dude with a blog to millions of unique visitors a month in just a short time.

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In this episode, Hiten Shah reveals some of his key mindsets for starting businesses and maximizing learning in his daily life. We discuss everything from how to take advantage of industry access and get inside the heads of your customers, to how to best leverage your time and be a good person.

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Renown health and productivity Ari Meisel reveals his productivity system that helps us stress less, reclaim our minds, and make everything easier. If you're interested in ways to optimize your health, mind, and begin taking advantage of virtual assistants, you're going to absolutely love this episode.

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In this interview with Mark Divine, the founder of Sealfit and best-selling author, we talk about the importance of mental exercises to maximize our potential. Mark shares strategies for hitting your "mind gym" that he's used to help the world's most elite warriors 20X their potential.

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Charlie provides an interesting take on how working more isn't necessarily the secret to better work and relationships. This advice goes against everything mos of us are fed our entire lives which is why it's so incredibly compelling.

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In this interview with Noah Kagan, Noah reveals some of the key frameworks he uses to constantly improve his business and life. We'll cover everything from how he handles rejection to some juicy marketing tactics you can put in practice today. 

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