This is the first episode of our live mentor series. Successful entrepreneur Spencer Fry comes on the show to give live advice and feedback to social media marketing company Biznobo. We'll talk about how to get your first customers, start charging, and think about boostrapping in the early days.

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NFL Veteran and media personality Ross Tucker comes on the show to talk about taking control of your life. Ross is an excellent example of someone whose made the most of out many opportunities and we talk about how he's been able to accomplish this on the show. A great listen for motivation and real stories of hustling for the life you want.

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Chris Bailey comes on the show to discuss what he learned after spending a year focusing on maximizing productivity. Chris did a ton of experiments and the end results are pretty fascinating and eye-opening. Definitely a must listen for people who want to increase their productivity.

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Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm comes on to the show to talk about how to best present yourself in social situations. Having a magnetic personality probably opens more doors than anything else so this is definitely a listen. Jordan is also hilarious which makes this an entertaining episode. 

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Our brains work in such a way that the questions we ask ourselves determine what we choose to focus on and thus the actions we decide to take. In this episode, I share how I purposefully use specific questions in a variety of instances to maximize performance and make sure that my life is taking the path I want it too. 

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Jerry Colonna, renown startup investor and founder of CEO Bootcamp comes on the show to talk about how we can manage our emotions as entrepreneurs. This gets deep and is such an important topic for everyone out there looking to get involved in startups and entrepreneurship.

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Wiley Cerilli, the Founder of Singleplatform and a personal inspiration, comes on the show to talk about building his company which I was fortunate enough to be a part of. We cover everything from specific pre-selling strategies and sales mindsets to CEO advice and what it takes to be successful. This is a personal favorite episode and Wiley is the man.

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Oren Klaff, Best Selling Author of Pitch Anything who raised billions of dollars to help take companies public comes on the show to share his innovative method for presenting and persuading. I have to say his approach is original and codified so that anyone can use this strategy with success. Great for anyone looking to make an amazing impression. 

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Aaron Ross, best selling author of Predictable Revenue, shares the secret sauce of how he created a system at Salesforce that was responsible for an addition 100 million dollars in recurring revenue. We chat everything from strategies to mistakes people are making in sales and lead generation. This is a good one!

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Noah Lehmann-Haupt, the founder of Gotham Dream cars comes on the show and shares how he built the world's largest exotic rental car company. This interview has everything from awesome business advice to crazy car stories that sound like a grand theft auto plot.

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Stefan Pylarinos from Project Life Mastery comes on to the show and discusses how he's been able to publish over 100 books on kindle to print cash while he sleeps. We also dive into some awesome personal development topics like building routines that put us into a peak state. I finish the episode by sharing my favorite peak state jingles in the mindshare segment.

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