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Sean Reagan is a teacher of A Course In Miracles and today’s guest on EvolutionFM.

Like many of us, Sean had tried following many other pathways from Buddhism to Catholicism to have more persistent peace and joy in his life. Eventually, he stumbled across A Course In Miracles and things shifted in an amazing way. 

The book was created by Helen Schulman from 1965 to 1972 via a direct channeling from Jesus Christ according to the author (source). Ironically, the author was an atheist psychologist leading up to “inner dictation” as she put it. 

Since the book was published it has helped an incredible amount of people find peace and healing through its daily devotional style of teaching.

One of the core concepts is that many of the things that cause our suffering such as fear are not actually real. These are simply misperceptions that have to do with the false identification of yourself as a body. I have come to experience many of these great truths in my own experience but got here through a different entry point.

Now you might be thinking No fear? Sounds nice but how do you do that? I experience fear all the time.

Well, this is a topic Sean and I unpack in this conversation as well as other “sounds nice but how” concepts like the recognition of not being a body, but having one.


For full show notes, visit: https://scottbritton.substack.com/publish/post/109853382

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Now that I’m going to be a parent soon, I can’t help but wonder about how all this technology is going to impact my kiddo?

And what can I do about it to help them be happy, heathy, and prosperous?

I recently discovered the work of Sara Filipcic who spent years studying the impact of technology on children and now has started a new company to help improve the situation called BeHumane.

Her research painted somewhat of a dire picture that made it clear that we as a society need to do something about this:

  • Adolescents using devices 5 or more hours a day (vs. 1 hour) were 66% more likely to have at least one suicide-related outcome1 

  • Results of a 2016 Common Sense Media Report found that 50% of teens “feel addicted” to mobile devices, while 59% of parents surveyed believe that kids are addicted to their devices2

  • Seven-in-ten U.S. teens said anxiety and depression is a major problem among people their age in the community where they live3

  • Technology can negatively affect children's developing social skills, relationships, health, and overall ability to focus, developing their social skills. This can lead to more children being socially awkward, withdrawn, shy, or intimidated by social situations.4

Going deep into this area of study there were many more subtle “aha” moments that helped her form her vision for BeHumane which aims to teach kids how to use technology effectively.

For full details on the episode check out the show notes here: https://scottbritton.substack.com/s/evolutionfm-podcast

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The nervous system is the lens through which you experience the world.

This quote really hit home for me from this weeks episode with Jonny Miller, founder of Nervous System Mastery and the Curious Humans Podcast and blog.

The nervous system seems to be intimately related to energy in our bodies. As electrical beings, this shouldn’t come as a massive surprise. I wanted to learn more about this which is why I was very excited to have Jonny who is a nervous system expert on the show.

I’ve learned many hard lessons on overtaxing my nervous system due to my spiritual ambition which has resulted in lots of discomfort over the years. In many instances, this was due to engaging in practices I thought were supposed to help aid my transformation like breathwork and other somatic release techniques. 🧐

What I see now and discuss with Jonny, was how I was missing a the imperative long integration and re-patterning period after big releases. I also generally overdid it. Shocker.

There also proves to be an immense amount of nuance in truly relaxing into a sensation vs. trying to focus on it and push it out. Learning this is practically a whole skill in itself. Again, this took me years of doing it wrong and enduring subsequent physical difficulties to truly understand.

If you are doing any somatic work, this is a must listen episode. The depth of understanding that Jonny has is truly amazing and the language he uses to communicate complex concepts is wonderful. Did I mention he has a charming British accent?!

Full episode notes on: https://scottbritton.substack.com/s/evolutionfm-podcast

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It's abundantly clear that we are experiencing a massive increase in consciousness amongst our respective societies and cultures. Many spiritual people get very enthusiastic about discussing the "global awakening" or "move to the fifth dimension," though I have no idea about the reality of these things. I am just genuinely excited that it appears more people are interested in the inner path to greater levels of peace, joy, creativity, and wisdom that comes with the expansion of consciousness.

With this shift, we will need new technologies and services that are better suited to ushering and supporting these changes as I wrote about here. Many investors have noticed this and started to focus on investment theses that revolve around new companies that facilitate the expansion of consciousness. Whenever I want to learn about new and interesting innovations, I often turn to investor friends because their job is essentially to learn about all this stuff.

This is why I was interested in talking to my new friend Greg Kubin, who is a partner at Psymed Ventures and a guest on EvolutionFM. Psymed focuses on investing in technologies that elevate mental health and wellness, including psychedelics, neurotech, precision psychiatry, and digital therapeutics.

I was eager to talk to Greg to learn about new things, but also to get the perspective of someone who must balance the constraints of capitalism and what is best for humans. 

We discussed a range of topics, including the psychedelic investment tension, precision psychiatry (which I had never even heard of), and the pros and cons of neurotech that claims to drop people into jhanas or enlightened states. I found it to be a fun and interesting conversation.

If the business of psychedelics is interesting to you, Greg runs a podcast exclusively focused on it called Business Trip. There are some great episodes on there exploring all different types of business models to make a living with psychedelics.

For full shows notes, visit: https://scottbritton.substack.com/s/evolutionfm-podcast

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