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October 2014
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This episode dives into the topic of achievement and how we can approach the art of “happily achieving”


Its funny - a lot of us are really quick to ask ourselves what we want without ever asking what we’re willing to give up for that which is a much greater predictor of whether will get those things and enjoy the process along the way.


This episode is a bit all over the place, but Mark shares some mindsets that have helped him in his own entrepreneurial journey in growing one of the largest self-development sites on the internet. Resiliency, values, and overcoming fear are just a few of the topics we’’ll go deep on. Consider this required listening for anyone who wants to be their best selves. Let’s hear from Mark Manson.

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Have you ever had an idea for a food product or personal recipe you've wanted to take mainstream? Today I chat with my buddy Ryan Smith, one of the co-founders of Bitchin' Sauce which is my favorite garnish in the world. This stuff is so good that it's now on the shelves in groceries stores everywhere including Whole Foods. We'll talk about all the steps to take what was just a family creation to the shelves of major grocery stores and a whole lot more. Ryan is also hilarious which makes for a Bitchin' episode.

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Steve Sisler, the founder of the Behavioral Research Group comes on the show to reveal the power that can be unlocked when people understand AND leverage their natural hardwiring. Steve provides countless examples of how understanding this can help you be a more effective leader and entrepreneur. We also do a live profiling of yours truly which has been excellent for helping me make crucial decisions in my business since having this conversation. A must listen especially if you're familiar with the DISC profile.

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Steve Schlafman is a good bud and startup investor for RRE ventures.  He's also someone whose work ethic and hustle I genuinely admire. We’ve had a lot of entrepreneurs on this show, but today I wanted to bring someone on the other side of the table on.

Steve sees 100’s if not thousands of companies a year and has to distill amongst all the people building things which ones he things are going to make it.  One of the cool things about this job, is you get to see patterns amongst companies and individuals.

What type of company wins? What do the founders look like?

We’ll pick Steve’s brain on these types of questions, and unpack what entrepreneurs should know before pitching a venture capitalist. My favorite part of the episode is hearing some stories from the trenches about the lengths some entrepreneurs have taken to make their company successful…

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